Bulu Tangkis (Badminton)

Over the month of November the Year 6 students have been learning about different sports that are played in Indonesia. Two of the most popular sports are soccer (sepak bola) and badminton (bulu tangkis). Today the Year 6 classes watched a short YouTube video showing the Badminton  World Championships, they were then asked to use the Library to find a fact about the sport ‘badminton’. I recorded their findings on the whiteboard and from there we all went out onto the basketball courts to experience the sport of ‘badminton’. Many of the students had never used a badminton racket or shuttlecock before; whilst others said they had played previously.

Facts About Bulu Tangkis

  • The sport ‘badminton’ got it’s name from a house in England owned by Duke Beaufort. The house’s name was ‘Badminton House’.
  • Badminton dates back the 1870’s, but at this time it was not a competitive sport. The first shuttlecocks were made from goose feathers.
  • Badminton was first played at the Olympic Games in 1992.
  • It is the fastest racket sport in the world and can be played as a singles or doubles game.
  • The shuttlecock is dropped and served below the waist. It must be hit over the net and into the opponents court.
  • There are 3 types of shuttlecocks: cork-based, plastic/synthetic and goose feather.
  • Only 3 countries have won the Thomas Cup since it’s inception: China, Malaysia and Indonesia
  • The shuttlecock can move at speeds of up to 332 km/hour.

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